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Say "Bye" to Buddy-Punching with All-in-One SmartClocks for Frontline


19% of hourly employees admit to Buddy-Punching.

Prevent fraudulent timestamps, inaccurate data, and payroll overspending
with the All-in-One Smartclock for Frontline. 

Provide the Employee Accountability that pen-and-paper and PIN/ID methods can't:

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We will pre-configure/pre-test the built-in barcode reader to read your existing barcodes. Or, you can easily rollout Barcode scanning by printing barcodes from your time and attendance system and attach to current user ID badges. 

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We will integrate your current RFiD Proximity badges (or provide you with new ones) with our built-in prox reader. Often linked to a door-access system, these cards require employees to keep the badge on their person in order to enter the building, making it difficult for buddy-punching to occur. 

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The most buddy-punch-proof of them all, Biometric Finger Scanning makes it impossible for employees to defraud the clock. With some help from our friends at identiMetrics, you can ensure your employees can never punch in for someone else (and never need to worry about forgetting their finger!).

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Easy-to-use, Frontline-optimized user experience that can't be closed out or disabled


TechTough Ruggedization

Physically and digitally tamper-proof for maximum security and durability


NeverDown System

Built-in 4G internet backup so that when internet goes down, your SmartClock stays up


Dedicated Service & Support

Leverage an experienced team of tech specialists on standby to remote-in and manage updates, troubleshoot, and configure at any location without leaving your desk

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Easy & Fast Deployment

Plug-and-Play units are pre-configured, pre-tested for your district

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HR/Payroll in Texas:
We specifically ordered the Touchpoint Pro for security reasons (extra layer of security with badge AND PIN). Also, user adoption was key; we need to be able to put clocks where we need so workers can access them right then and there.”

Payroll Coordinator in Oklahoma:
We used the exact same prox cards; we didn’t have to adjust anything. The whole system has helped reduce my workload. It has been a big help, to be honest, especially with speed and accuracy.”

Business Director in Wisconsin:
“The biggest difference Touchpoint provided was accountability for employees without making them feel like they were being watched. It was a seamless process for them. It was a big deal when we left the paper world; before, they could write whatever they wanted, and we had to monitor them. Now it doesn’t feel so Big Brother-ish. The time they scan in is the time that it is. It changed the employee culture.

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