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Locked-down, Professional Timeclocks for Frontline Time and Attendance.


Optimize the data collection process and protect system integrity with a Professional-grade Timeclock with a dedicated support team.


Get up to $100 credit for your homemade kiosk towards a brand-new Timeclock for Frontline. 

Contact us by June 30th to get a free Expedited Shipping upgrade!

Limited-time Offer:
Buy 3 or more Pro Timeclocks, get one FREE!


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Products used in thousands of schools
across the country


Products are easy to implement making
it simple to get started


Our user-friendly systems efficiently and safely document time tracking with little room for user error

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Avoid Frequent Device Failure with industrial timeclocks rated for 24/7 use for 32,000 hours (that's 4x the 8,000-hr average lifespan of standard consumer devices).

Leverage White Glove Service and Support
Let our experienced team of tech specialists remotely manage updates, troubleshoot, and configure at any location -- without leaving your desk.

Minimize IT Workload
If there is a need for physical maintenance, Touchpoint's easy "swap out and replace" program ensures you have a working unit while yours is in the shop.

Prevent Physical and Digital Tampering
Protect system integrity with secure, wall- or table-mounted steel enclosures and digital lockdown.

It's All in the Frontline Family
We were spun out of Frontline, for Frontline to ensure the smoothest, most reliable time capture rollout and user experience.



“We used the exact same prox cards; we didn’t have to adjust anything. The whole system has helped reduce my workload. It has been a big help, to be honest, especially with speed and accuracy.

- Payroll Coordinator in Oklahoma

“We tried doing it ourselves with a laptop and a 3rd party scanner, but it was too cumbersome. With me being the only tech person, it didn’t make sense to have something that needed so much maintenance. Once we figured out that Touchpoint was an integrated solution, we didn’t have to worry about maintaining a laptop and scanner; Touchpoint plugs in and works. It’s very easy to use.”

- IT Department in New Jersey

“So much of software in general is about seamless integration, and here you have hardware doing that too! No hodgepodge of things trying to piece together. No managing all those devices. Touchpoint worked through all the possible options and built a well thought-out solution.”

- Director of Business Services in Minnesota


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Touchpoint offers a range of pre-configured, professional timeclocks to align with your budget. School districts may request a free demo device to see why our Timeclocks are the best option for time tracking.

  • Spun Out of and Designed for Frontline. Touchpoint timeclocks were designed specifically for (and to enhance) the Time & Attendance system.

  • Simple, plug-and-play set-up can be easily done by school staff or administrators without extensive IT knowledge.

  • Up to 3-year White Glove Service & Remote-In Support. Free and unlimited support, maintenance and service for the life of the support period.



Contact us by June 30th to participate in the offers and learn more about what Touchpoint can do for you: