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Avoid inaccurate data and manual corrections with
SmartClocks for Frontline Time & Attendance.


NeverDown System

Built-in 4G internet backup so that when internet goes down, your SmartClock stays up


Physically & Digitally Tamper-Proof

TechTough Ruggedization, Wall- or Table-mount, and Digital Lockdown for maximum security and durability


Built to Last

Commercial-grade hardware rated for 24/7 use for 26,000 hours (over 4x the average 6,000-hour lifespan of standard consumer devices)



Easy-to-use, Frontline-optimized user experience that can't be closed out or disabled



Dedicated Service & Support

Leverage an experienced team of tech specialists on standby to remote-in and manage updates, troubleshoot, and configure at any location without leaving your desk

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Fast & Easy Deployment

All-in-One, plug-and-play device preconfigured to your district



“We like the ease of use and convenience of having a card and scanning it. It definitely increases accuracy with our time. Touchpoint has met our goals and we are happy with it. We are pleased with the system; overall, the experience was very positive.”

- Payroll/Business Office in Wyoming

“It was very easy to set-up, configure, and deploy. Users like this a lot more than manually entering their timesheets. It’s less hassle and a lot easier to do.”

- Director in Wisconsin

“The combination of Frontline and Touchpoint is key: the Frontline software captures all the data we need, and the Touchpoint technology makes it seamless for employees to do what they need to do."

- Business Administrator in New Jersey



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