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The fastest, easiest, most-reliable way to capture employee time:
SmartClocks for Frontline Time & Attendance.



Products used in thousands of schools
across the country


Products are easy to implement making
it simple to get started


Our user-friendly systems efficiently and safely document time tracking with little room for user error

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Minimize Support Workload
Leverage an experienced team of tech specialists that remotely manages updates, troubleshoots, and configures at any location -- without leaving your desk.

Optimize Your Data Collection Process
by integrating your existing tech and badges, and simplifying installation to locations users will traffic the most frequently.

Budget Better
Know your total cost of ownership upfront -- no surprise costs.

Increase Adoption Success
Provide a secure and professional Frontline-optimized user experience to reduce time collection hurdles and improve system adoption.

Enhance Your System
Leverage the most accurate time collection to help ensure your decisions are based on the right data.

Protect System Integrity
Present a clean and professional interface to prevent theft, hacking, and tampering that would impact Frontline data and District security.



“Our previous time & attendance system required constant maintenance; Touchpoint eliminated IT’s time and attendance maintenance workload almost completely.”

- IT Director in Louisiana

“We tried doing it ourselves with a laptop and a 3rd party scanner, but it was too cumbersome. With me being the only tech person, it didn’t make sense to have something that needed so much maintenance. Once we figured out that Touchpoint was an integrated solution, we didn’t have to worry about maintaining a laptop and scanner; Touchpoint plugs in and works. It’s very easy to use.”

- IT Department in New Jersey

“So much of software in general is about seamless integration, and here you have hardware doing that too! No hodgepodge of things trying to piece together. No managing all those devices. Touchpoint worked through all the possible options and built a well thought-out solution.”

- Director of Business Services in Minnesota



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