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All-in-One SmartClocks

Calibrated for your scanning method and pre-programmed for your district’s unique Frontline configuration, Touchpoint’s All-in-One professional SmartClocks are the unparalleled way to easily, securely and efficiently capture employee time with Frontline’s Time & Attendance system.

All one-time cost with discounts and trade-ins available.

Free unlimited support, maintenance and service for the life of the support period


The Touchpoint Pro

The Touchpoint Pro SmartClock is equipped for peak performance, security, and long-term durability. It ensures fastest scanning, maximum uptime, and superior maintenance and is proven to increase user adoption with Frontline Time & Attendance while optimizing your data collection process. 

Notable features unique to this model include:

  • NeverDown System
    Built-in 4G internet backup so that when internet goes down, your SmartClock stays up

  • AnyPlace PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    Install units in optimal locations without the need to run new electrical outlets

  • TechTough Ruggedization
    Physically and digitally tamper-proof for maximum security and durability

  • 36 months of White Glove Service and Remote-In Support
    Leverage an experienced team of tech specialists to remote-in, troubleshoot, and configure at any location without leaving your desk


The Touchpoint Basic

The Touchpoint Basic SmartClock will quickly get you up and running with Frontline Time & Attendance by providing all the minimum essentials necessary to capture accurate data, eliminate extra work, and ensure compliance.

  • Streamlined footprint
    Wall-mountable, plug-and-play solution (only ONE piece of equipment!)

  • Accurate data
    Reliably and precisely capture employee time with built-in scanning options for employee ID badges or fingerprints (biometrics)

  • Easy to Use
    Simple, seamless, and secure Frontline-optimized user experience that increases user adoption

  • Built to Last
    Rated for 24/7 use for over 4x the lifespan of standard consumer devices