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Ranging from tested and proven DIY kiosk supplies to plug-and-play timeclocks, Touchpoint gives you the best solution for your budget and your efficiency requirements.



Thousands of units in schools across the country


Products are easy to use and implement, making it simple to get started


Efficiently and safely track time with little room for user error


All hardware is guaranteed to seamlessly integrate with Frontline Time and Attendance and your employee ID system.


Download our Free PDF Guide to Building your own Kiosk.

We've been there, done that, and we've compiled a DIY guide to help you build your own Frontline Time & Attendance scan station/kiosk, including best practices and things to avoid. Download the free PDF guide below:

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Looking for Timeclock Tech Specs?

Need to verify device compatibility with your IT Department? Download PDFs of our Basic and Pro SmartClock Tech Specs below:

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  • It’s all in the Frontline Family. Touchpoint was spun out of Frontline FOR Frontline, making us the most trusted specialist in smooth integration for collecting employee time.

  • Align with your budget. Choose the hardware strategy that works for you with proven DIY components or professional, plug-and-play timeclocks with built-in support packages to reduce maintenance.

  • Increase user adoption. Provide a secure and professional Frontline-optimized user experience to reduce time collection hurdles and improve system adoption.

  • Optimize the data collection process by simplifying installation to where users will use the most frequently and integrating existing tech and badges.

  • Reduce manual corrections. Enhance your system by utilizing industrial-grade hardware that eliminates the need edit timesheets due to device bugs, breakdowns, and failures.

  • Minimize IT support tickets. Leverage experienced team of tech specialists on standby to remote in, troubleshoot, and configure at any location without leaving your desk.

  • Avoid frequent maintenance with industrial hardware rated for 24/7 use for 26,000 hrs (over 4x the 6,000-hr average lifespan of standard consumer devices!).

    And if there IS a need for maintenance, Touchpoint’s easy “swap out and replace” program makes sure you have a working unit while yours is in the shop!