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The fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to capture employee time:
All-in-One SmartClocks for Frontline


SmartClocks for Frontline

All one-time cost with discounts and trade-ins available.

Free unlimited support, maintenance, and service for the life of the support period.

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AnyPlace PoE

Install units in optimal locations without the need to run new electrical outlets


TechTough Ruggedization

Physically and digitally tamper-proof for maximum security and durability


NeverDown System

Built-in 4G internet backup so that when internet goes down, your SmartClock stays up



Easy-to-use, Frontline-optimized user experience that can't be closed out or disabled and increases user adoption



Dedicated Service & Support

Leverage an experienced team of tech specialists on standby to remote-in, troubleshoot, and configure at any location without leaving your desk

PIN/ID & Badge Reading

Utilize your already-existing badges (or we can provide badges!) for quick and easy employee ID badge scanning


“Our previous time & attendance system required constant maintenance; Touchpoint eliminated IT’s time and attendance maintenance workload almost completely.

- IT Director in Louisiana

“We like the ease of use and convenience of having a card and scanning it. It definitely increases accuracy with our time.”

- Payroll/Business Office in Wyoming

“So much of software in general is about seamless integration, and here you have hardware doing that too! No hodgepodge of things trying to piece together. No managing all those devices. Touchpoint worked through all the possible options and built a well thought-out solution.

- Director of Business Services in Minnesota



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