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Improve Frontline Time &
Attendance success.

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  • It’s all in the Frontline Family. Touchpoint was spun out of Frontline, making us the most trusted specialist in smooth integration for collecting employee time.
  • Align with your budget. Choose the hardware strategy that works for you with proven DIY components or professional, plug-and-play Timeclocks with built-in support packages to reduce maintenance.
  • Increase user adoption. Provide a secure and professional Frontline-optimized user experience to reduce time collection hurdles and improve system adoption.
  • Optimize the data collection process by simplifying installation to where users will use the most frequently and integrating existing tech and badges.
  • Reduce manual corrections. Enhance your system by utilizing industrial-grade hardware that eliminates the need edit timesheets due device bugs, breakdowns, and failures.
  • Minimize IT support tickets. Leverage experienced team of tech specialists on standby to remote into and manage updates, troubleshoot and configure at any location without leaving your desk.
  • Avoid frequent maintenance with industrial hardware rated for 24/7 use for 26,000 hrs (over 4x the 6,000-hr average lifespan of standard consumer devices!).

    And if there IS a need for maintenance, Touchpoint’s easy “swap out and replace” program makes sure you have a working unit while yours is in the shop!