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Flexible Hardware Packages Tailored to Accommodate Any Budget.


Customize the Hardware Strategy that works best for you.

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DIY Supplies

Touchpoint’s line of fully-vetted USB scanning components and laptops enhance the functionality of your already-existing technology. Our pre-configured scanners facilitate the integration of your existing badges with Frontline’s Time & Attendance system.



Calibrated for your scanning method and pre-programmed for your district’s unique Frontline configuration, Touchpoint’s all-in-one professional SmartClocks are the unparalleled way to easily, securely and efficiently capture employee time with Frontline’s Time & Attendance system.


All one-time cost with discounts and trade-ins available.

Free unlimited support, maintenance, and service for the life of the support period.

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Why choose Frontline Absence & Time and Touchpoint?

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Provide better customer service
with a complete plug-and-play solution for your time and attendance needs


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Spend your time on other work,
confident that your hardware is programmed and configured ahead of time to seamlessly and securely work with Time & Attendance.


Reclaim time and increase accuracy
by avoiding the need to hand-key data into the Time & Attendance system

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“Our previous time & attendance system required constant maintenance; Touchpoint eliminated IT’s time and attendance maintenance workload almost completely.

- IT Director in Louisiana

“Before, I received paper timesheets from about 70 employees. Any time they had an absence, I had to manually track it. Now, they swipe in, and it’s automatic. It’s cut down significantly on the work.

- Payroll Manager in New Jersey

“So much of software in general is about seamless integration, and here you have hardware doing that too! No hodgepodge of things trying to piece together. No managing all those devices. Touchpoint worked through all the possible options and built a well thought-out solution.

- Director of Business Services in Minnesota



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