Biometric Finger Scanning

Increase your security.
Guarantee the accuracy of your payroll records.
Eliminate buddy-punching once and for all.

With a little help from our friends at identiMetrics, Touchpoint SmartClocks with Biometrics offer the ultimate combination of convenience and security.

Note: Biometric requires separate biometric software contract with identiMetrics.

  • Eliminate Buddy-Punching
    Employees clock-in with their unique identifier — their own finger — making time fraud impossible.

  • Simplify Your User’s Experience
    Clock-in with the touch of a finger; no need for employees to remember PINs or ID badges. (Touchpoint Pro SmartClock models feature a Visual Light Indicator to signal finger scan recognition.)

  • Increase Security & Payroll Accuracy
    Keep accurate records of employee presence and time.

  • Speed Up Clock-In Time
    Reduce long employee clock-in lines by punching in/out in less than a second.

  • Zero-Risk Finger Scanning
    Fingerprint data is stored as a unique numerical formula and never as an actual fingerprint image, so users never have to worry about identity theft.