About Touchpoint

Spun out of Frontline for Frontline, Touchpoint is a people management hardware provider founded specifically to lift the burden of district IT teams and school administrators with Frontline’s Time & Attendance data collection. Providing proven, effortless, and secure kiosk supplies and SmartClocks, Touchpoint enhances the software tools school districts already love by ensuring their employees’ time is captured quickly, correctly, and effectively.

Why Integrate Frontline Absence & Time and Touchpoint?

  • Provide better customer service with a complete plug-and-play solution for your time and attendance needs.

  • Spend your time on other work, confident that your hardware is programmed and configured ahead of time to seamlessly and securely work with Time & Attendance.

  • Reclaim time and increase accuracy by avoiding the need to hand-key data into the Time & Attendance system.